Location: The choice of location is fundamental for the success of any event or reception. For this, in the first place, I propose an ample range of structures that go from the rustic to the classic and to the modern, up to more elaborated solutions such as a renaissance villa or a medieval castle, everything in order to satisfy even the most unique requests.

What to wear: For any type of reception I supply advice on the clothing to wear and the appropriate jewellery as well as where to acquire them, besides giving advice even for the apparel of the guests.

Invite: My attention to detail is shown by the advice for the choice of announcements, or bombonière whether it is a wedding, first communion or a birthday party. The smallest items are those that need attention and care in order to be unique and original.

Receive: To receive and to coddle with maximum attention, according to a holistic view that takes into consideration body and mind. With the conviction that this kind of approach is that which the client needs, I study and develop original solutions to welcome and care for guests, spouses or anyone wishing to organize an event, proposing well-being packages, beauty treatments, hot springs cures with renowned and prestigious institutes.

Banquet: The main moment of any event is the banquet: I pay particular attention to the menu, or whether it is a wedding luncheon, an open air buffet, a working dinner or a large event. For this, I work and collaborate exclusively with high profile companies known throughout the territory, supplying a wide choice of places from the most rustic, to the traditional and the most modern, always with careful eye to the place of the banquet and the personal tastes of the client, in order to obtain, a completely harmonious combination.

Entertain: To astonish and amuse are fundamental elements in order to totally savour the joy of an unforgettable day and the animation is of major importance in any type of reception. It isn’t easy to find the solution that totally satisfies the expectations of all the guests, but a wide range of possibilities and a careful assessment of the requirements of the client are guarantees of an excellent result. The services that I offer include the choice of music - from an orchestra to a DJ - animation for children, entertainment for adults with solutions of various kinds of which jugglers, entertainers, cabaret artists, fireworks and more.

Amazing: Wonder is the ideal frame for a unique day to remember in every joyful detail. Why not mount ahorse or carrigae, a sidecar or rare automobile, and amaze yourself and your guests?

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