"Hello Mara, finally a bit of peace to reorder the enthusiasm that continues to be with us. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, it needs a lot of love to do what you have made for this wedding; to demonstrate how impeccable you have been there are comments and letters of appreciation for this amazing wedding. Among all the things, from the appetizers, to the dinner and the cake till the photographer, we realized how all the people working there that night worked with passion. No one made a mistake, no one left out the details. Everybody had put the best out of them, perhaps out of pride. You have found the best professionals, that put the same enthusiasm and effort as you do. You manage to make it all work perfect with harmony. I am sure that you are seen as a successful person by your staff, you might be picky but you have the reasons to be. We wanted to share this beautiful moments and emotions with you. We often think this was a beautiful wedding, our wedding, and it will always be. A wedding where the reality was turned into fantasy. Not even in my dreams I have imagined for that.
Thank you Mara, all the best and success!"
Francesca and Giovanni

"Dear Mara, you did a great job, and in spite of ull of the day you managed to arrange everything perfectly. We all still say that a wedding was fabulous ... the top, and a great joy for all! Thanks again..."
Bianca and Giorgio

"Hello Mara, first of all I want to thank you for considering us, what about ... I am a firm believer that in all areas (of luck that is beyond basic addition) the real difference are always people who get up every day in search of perfection and customer satisfaction at the cost of enormous effort and energy that no money can repay ... and you're a part of this category. We sincerely hope to continue on this road, an hug and see you soon"
Sandro and wife

"We take advantage of the benefits of years of Mrs. Mara Borchi, and we say always with great satisfaction. Whether it is to organize a big dinner for 200 people, and for smaller events, we always found a very professional and above all a human trait, hard to find nowadays. Certainly we will continue to serve her and his associates."

"When me and Federica decided to entrust the work of Mara, missed eight months of our marriage and we did not imagine what would have been the result. As the weeks passed, however, we realized that the professionalism and the ability to manage Mara meticulously all aspects of organizing a major event left no room for doubt. Her character so strong but sensitive than our allowed uncertainties for managing the operations slowly managing to play a dense network of ideas and, as often happens , for contingencies. In our opinion, Mara has the ability to merge brilliant ideas to skills of highly motivated and competent people with the caterer, the florist and supplier of fittings. Trank you Mara... 100 times Mara"
Giacomo and Federica
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